Match Results

Open Match Results

B Marshall (DRS) - 56lb 14oz - CORN & PELLET

L Cotton (Vision Express) - 37lb 16oz - CORN & PELLET

F Keane (BT) - 29lb 1oz - PELLET

Two local businesses went head to this week with the top three anglers weighing in the above weights.


Thursday evening open 17/05/2012

Andy Rucus took 1st place in this evenings match with 42lb 12oz, Andy took most of his fish from the margins using luncheon from peg 13. 2nd place Scott Robinson with 25lb 10oz, 3rd place Lee Parker 24lb 8oz, 4th place Chris Garratt with 14lb 8oz, Rob Lewis 11lb 5oz, Dave Quinn 9lb 10oz, Kev Holmes 9lb, Phil Hartshorn 8lb 3oz, Mark Marwood 7lb 2oz, Alan Marson 7lb. A great nights fishing everyone caught, golden peg still standing. 

Sunday open 13th May 2012

Sunday open results were, 1st place Barry Blewitt with a respectable 27lb 10oz, 2nd Darren wright 24lb, 3rd Darren Davis 18lb, 4th Ernie Davis 13lb 14oz, 5th Steve Allcock 13lb 12oz, 6th place Rob Lewis weighing 8lb 8oz. Not a bad match only one DNW, weather pretty good, everyone enjoyed the day.

Sunday open 15/4/12

Steve Allcock won this weeks open with 47lb, fishing from peg 15 Steve caught steady most of the day using pole at 12mtrs, to take a good mixed bag of fish. Sam Allen came 2nd with 32lb from peg 13,his bag consisted of mainly small carp. 3rd place Ernie Davis weighing in 8lb from peg 20 with mainly skimmers. A good day's fishing had by all.

Sunday open 8/4/2012

A brilliant match today with just 5lb between 1st & 2nd place,6 anglers fished today's open. 1st place Gary Pillsworth winning £40 he produced a good mixed bag of fish weighing 49lb 12oz from peg 15,he caught steady all day on pellet & meat. 2nd place Steve Allcock with 44lb 8oz from peg 25 winning £20. Other weights were Dave Beamsome with 34lb, Darren Smith 24lb 4oz, Beryl Thackary with 23lb 12oz & Gary Smith with 15lb 4oz. Next open Sunday 15th April draw 8am fish 9-3pm £15 all in £1 golden peg standing at £100. Ring or text Kev to book in on 07980260618. 

Sunday open 1/4/2012

Ray Redwood won this weeks open with 33lb 14oz, Ray fished peg 25 catching a mixed bag of skimmers to 1 1/2lb & carp to 3lb, he caught on pellet first off then meat later on in the day. 2nd place Steve Allcock with 31lb 8oz,Steve had mainly large skimmers & carp all took on meat from peg 1. 3rd place Kelly Redwood with 17lb 8oz from peg 15 weighing in mainly small skimmers caught on pellet.Rob Lewis in 4th place with 14lb 4oz from peg 13. An enjoyable days fishing with some good weights & good weather.Next open match Sunday 8th April draw 8am fish 9-3 £15 all in plus £1 golden peg, ring or text Kev to book in 07980260618 

sunday open 30/10/2011

Kev Arm won this weeks open with a bumper weight of 54lb. Kev fished from peg 6 using pellet over groundbait,his bag consisted of mainly skimmers, the carp came on the feed later. John Smith weighed in 40lb 10oz from peg 6 using pellet, Kev Holmes fished chopped worm & castor from peg 16 making him a 31lb 4oz haul. Darren Smith 31lb, Luke Holmes 24lb 6oz, Phil Hartshore 22lb 1oz, Dave Peters 16lb 8oz, Roy Thompson 8lb 14oz, Mick Bent 5lb 11oz. Dean Roe DNW. A really good day was enjoyed by all,with the weather holding out. Next match this Sunday draw 8am fish 9am-3pm anyone wishing to fish please text or ring Kev to book in on 07980260618

Sunday 11/9/2011

Lucky Lee Parker leads again in this weeks open match, Lee fished peg 10 catching mainly skimmers,he lost 7 carp & still weighed in a whopping 61lb net of fish. close 2nd with 31lb Cliff Granger!. Open match next Sunday ring or text Kev to book in on 07980260618.

Sunday 4/9/2011

First Sunday match was held this week with Lee Parker weighing 67lb 4oz. 2nd 29lb 8oz went to Darren Barns,3rd place went to Cliff Granger with 26lb. A great first match. Regular Sunday matches are now running.Draw 9am fish 10am to 4pm.Ring or text Kev to book in on 07980260618.     I am considering running a match on Greylag lake if anyone is interested please let me know so i can arrange a date.         

match results 22/8/2011

Lee Parker took 1st place in tonights match with an impressive 42lb haul,his bag was made up of mainly skimmers Lee also lost several large carp during the match.2nd place Andy Rukas on peg 24 with 36lb of carp & skimmers using chopped worm & castor,3rd Wayne Mardell peg 14 with 22lb ,4th Kev Holmes peg 1 weighing 16lb,5th Nick Smith peg 25 with 14lb 3 anglers DNW.  Evening  matches running every Monday & Thursday draw 4.30 pm fish 5.30pm to 8.30pm. John Smith's angling club are holding a match this Sunday 28th,pegs 1-20 have been booked.
    To book in ring or text Kev on 07980260618

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