Our Rules are in place to keep our fish in top condition. They must be observed at all times. People found to be breaking them will be asked to leave.


Nelly's Lake

>> Float Fishing Only

>> Barbless Hooks

>> Fishery Feed Pellets Only (You may use your own hook pellets)

>> No Floating Baits

>> No Pet Foods Of Any Description

>> No Bread (Punched or Liquidised)

>> Fishery Nets Only (Landing Net Provided Free Of Charge)

>> No Boilies

>> No Braid

>> Please Use Bins Provided

>> One Rod Per Peg


Greylag Lake

>> No Fixed Leads

>> No Bait Boats

>> No Tiger Nuts

>> 'Thick' Unhooking Mats Must Be Used At All Times

>> No Loutish Behaviour

>> No Sacking Under Any Circumstances

>> No Unattended Rods

>> Three Rod Limit